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Get Ahead of Cabin fever :: Ways To Refresh Your Living Space

If you are an at home mom and/or a work at home mom then chances are you marinate in your living spaces. Other chances are your children have probably taken them over. I have some things that I’ve done over the years to stay sane, reduce clutter, organize toys and reduce the feeling that the walls are closing in on you. Carve out your own space. It’s important to do when you spend so much time at home.


Fall is here and the holidays are upon us. One of my most favorite times of the year is fall. The different colors on the trees, the crisp air and the warmth of home come to mind along with all things Pumpkin spice.  

As an At Home Mom, I spend so much time in my living spaces that over the years I’ve found some things that help combat the dreaded cabin fever many of us deal with. Many of these things are very simple and low cost so why not give them a try!


Use the outdoors as an extension of your living space; Whatever you are working with. A porch, balcony, patio or yard… you can spruce it up with plants, a chair and small table… a place to have a glass of wine or a cup of coffee.


Changing out curtains and throw pillows; Warmer weather can call for light and airy sheers while colder weather warrants heavy or lined drapes. Different pillows and a throw changes things up a bit. A new furniture arrangement can make a space feel like you live in a totally new house. Play around with it. You will be surprised.  These small changes can have a dramatic impact.


Play around with wall pictures and furniture; Bring in art work  and furniture pieces from other rooms. Give an entry or any other room a total different look and feel.


Add a boot tray to your entry way; Fall and Winter come with water, mud, ice and snow so an addition of a boot tray or a heavy duty rug may be needed.

Paint also makes a great low cost update and a perfect weekend project! If you are like me, the thought of painting doesn’t exactly make you jump for joy, however, the thought of the end result is enough motivation to get me through it.

*if you have a small or tight space, try designating zones within the space such as a play zone, work zone, chill zone and so on.

Here are some other things to try:

  • Add festive kitchen and bath towels
  • Add plants and flowers to tables
  • Change out lamp shades and light bulbs
  • Try some different picture frames
  • Have fun with it
  • Use bins and baskets as extra storage in your most used spaces

Get ahead of the cabin fever and freshen up your space every season, remember you make the rules. Trust me it helps. Happy Fall y’all!

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