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How To Tolerate Your Toddler

Here we are in the beginning of the toddler years where we are learning how to parent between the temper tantrums, attitude problems, and everything in between.

Our son is an independent, stubborn two year old. His new found toddler attitude is coming out in full force. With all this attitude it makes life a little hard sometimes. After much thought, I have come to realize that toleration is key. We may not be able to win every toddler battle and most days it is not worth the fight, so toleration it is. 

1. Let them have the cookie before dinner. 

My son loves chocolate chip cookies. I think it is because for the last few months of my pregnancy I could finish a box of Chips Ahoy Chocolate Chunk cookies in a day no matter how bad my heartburn was. Anyways, he knows how to get the cookies out of the pantry. One day he opened the pantry for a cookie and I told him no because I was cooking dinner and he says to me, “It’s okay Mom. Already got it!” I could not help but laugh and let him eat the cookie. As the saying goes, “Life’s short. Eat dessert first.” It’s great he gets this concept early. Learning life lessons at two years old is hard work. If he wants a cookie, he gets a cookie. 

2. Let them be the BOSS everyday all day. 

My son is the boss. He knows he has everyone wrapped around his little finger. Maybe he will be an entrepreneur one day so who am I to judge. Every evening when I get home from work he goes, “sit down mom,” “want to play trains mom,” do this mom or do that mom. It is exhausting. He is actually so good at this he answers for me. “Okay. Sure.” I cannot help but smile. He is a little leader in the making.


3. Let them play with every toy in the house including the kitchen sink. 


The mess we clean up daily keeps us busy! We have so many toys overflowing the house it is insane. How does a two year old have this much stuff? Out of all his toys, his most favorite thing is pots and pans. He pretends to make whatever his little heart desires. Tea, noodles, hamburgers, and lobsters are his favorite imaginary dishes. Maybe he will be a Chef like my dad one day. Or he might grow up to be in the restaurant business like his own father. We are letting him be free and creative even if it means cleaning the living room for the tenth time today. 

4. Let them be toddlers. 

Let them run, play, cry, and scream. They are trying to figure it out and so are we. Just think, you could be raising the next President, Ambassador, Business Owner, or even a Hockey Player!

This toddler thing is exhausting. Here we are tolerating our son because he deserves it. He needs us to be patient and understanding. 

We need to let him act his age, two. 

If you need me for the next few years, I will be trying to navigate through these terrible twos without crying! 

Good luck, mamas. 




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One Response to How To Tolerate Your Toddler

  1. Tina Buch February 18, 2017 at 8:30 am #

    Great story and how true you are aboit Enzo! He is so advance for just being a 2 year old! He knows what he wants and know how to use it! Love him xoxox