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I’m Four Hear Me ROAR

My little boy is not so little anymore… as today is your fourth birthday!

Every day you roar through our house and through our hearts. You are OBSESSED with dinosaurs. I mean who doesn’t want to ride a dinosaur one day? I am not looking forward to the day when you finally realize they are extinct. 

Even though you’re four you still are a little bundle of joy. You bring us happiness that can’t even  be described. 

I’ve been reading “The Walk” series by Richard Paul Evans and in his last book there was a quote that I keep referencing back to; “never confuse the clock with the time.” 

How true is that? You may not realize the significance of this now, but one day you will. We have to stop moving through life watching the clock as the minutes and hours pass by us. 

Time is the biggest thing Mommy and Daddy sacrifice for you because we are trying to build a happy, healthy and loving home. We are most guilty of letting the clock dictate our days. 

I feel guilty wishing for bedtime when I’ve had a long day, but sometimes I need a break. We want time to slow down, but we mostly wish it away. Why do we do this? Life gets hectic and I need my sanity, but it still frustrates me that I would even wish time to move forward so I can take a moment to breathe. It’s that mom guilt that is relentless. Parenting is blissful happiness intertwined with copious amounts of guilt. 

Every parent does this. They wish time away only for the next day to wish it to slow down. 

I’m here to promise you I am trying to do better. I’m trying not to take parenting to serious. Cookies before dinner and ice cream dates are often because sometimes in life you should eat dessert first. Bedtimes are almost nonexistent and you just started to fall asleep in you own room with me by your side. 

Somedays I laugh at your furious attitude because with your lips puckered and scrunched pouty face I cannot resist. And all of this is okay because you won’t be little forever. We need to embrace all of these moments. Soon moments will be memories and I want us to have so many good memories to look back on. 

I hate that time is passing us by because you are group up so quickly. What would the world be if time would slow down? 

I want you to act like a dinosaur as long as it remains interesting to you. I want to snuggle you until it’s deemed unacceptable. Enjoy being little and I will continue wishing I can hold onto you forever. 

Happy Fourth Birthday, Lorenzo. May all your dreams come true. 

Love, Mommy and Daddy

Lorenzo has been growing up with Pittsburgh Moms Blog. It’s been heart warming and fascinating being able to reread my past posts about him growing up. If you would like to read some of my parenting adventures please check out my page –

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