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Kindermusik: Teaching through Song and Play at Kathy’s Music

Music and playtime all in one, at Kathy’s Music you and your children can make new friends and learn new things while the little ones get a moment to play and learn at the same time! That is a pretty good deal for an hour session, I thought!

Kindermusik, through Kathy’s Music, provides a full schedule of different options when it comes to introducing your little one to music. Morning and evening classes offer you varied options when picking out a class that is right for you. For the families with little ones, there are classes ranging from ages 0-24 months, 2-3 years old, 3-4 years old, and 5-6 years old.

Even reaching into the grade school kids, with Kathy’s Music programs there are classes for kids to learn about different instruments such as piano, strings, guitar, ukulele, and much more. During the summer, Kathy’s Music provides camps through their Music Artistry program for all children with varied themes, days and times. I’m sure you can find one that is right for you!

What if something happens that you can’t make it to class? Well, Kathy’s Music allows for makeup classes. We all know how hard it is when your little one is screaming and throwing a fit and you are running late, or you don’t have time to fit in the class next week between doctors appointments, or you’re planning a vacation–Kathy’s Music provides that ease of mind that your kids won’t miss out when life happens.

My experience in the Kindermusik program with Kathy’s Music provided a fun environment where my little boy (age 15 months) could laugh, roll around, play and learn new things with kids his age. I also was able to have fun talking to other mommies who were in the same boat as I was. Talking about difficulties and triumphs, it was a great way to create a mini community where there was support. My particular class was an “ASL and music class” that helped teach the mommies and babies ASL signs to help further communication between one another.

My little one enjoyed the time we spent together in our special class as well as running around and playing with the other kids. He got to be himself and so did I. Everything was baby friendly and the clean environment was so open and comfortable. Toys and everything for the class were provided so it set my mind at ease knowing that I could relax while my kid played with new toys and instruments and I was able to see his face light up with intrigue and joy!

Music, playing, dancing and laughing were in the background but my baby was learning new social skills and signs to help with communication during every class. It was such a change coming out of the class, learning new sign language signs that I didn’t know before and getting to see my little man learn “please” and “more” so that he could tell me what he’d like.

For an hour each week, I knew I would have a fun place to take my little one where we could have Mommy-and-Me time and learn new things. My two favorite things in this world, my children and learning!

If this type of class sounds fun for you or you’d like to find out more information on other classes:

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