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Letters from a Part-Time Working Mom

I currently work on a part time basis. People constantly tell me “perfect” that is, and how lucky I am to work outside the home, but also spend time extra time with my kids. While I do really love my situation, it isn’t “perfect.” The one thing that makes it really hard is also what I really love about it – I get to experience the highs and lows of both working moms and stay at home moms. I admire both stay at home moms and working moms because neither is easy! In fact, no journey in motherhood is and we are all in it together.

Since I am able to live the partial life of both working moms and stay at home moms, I wrote the following letters to my mom friends working hard in both situations.  Of course to my part time working mom’s, both of these apply to you.

To the working moms:

I know you set your alarm extra early to wake up before the kids so you have time to get yourself ready for work, pack lunches, and get the kids ready for the day in order to make it to the office before your 8:00 am meeting.

But, I also know you are being a major boss lady in that meeting, and making big business moves happen.

I know you are rushing out of the office at the end of the day to make it to daycare to pick up the kids before 6 pm when you start getting charged $10 for every minute you’re late.

But, I also know how incredibly, amazing it is to have your little ones smile and run into your arms when they see you walk into the room to pick them up.

I know you feel guilt and sadness when you read your child’s daily report and see that the learned or did something really cool today.

But, I also know how excited your kids are to show you what they made during the day and tell you all the fun things they learned.

I know how chaotic it is when you get home from work and have to scramble to put dinner together, play with the kids, and get them to bed at a reasonable time.

But I also know how much your kids love the precious time you spend together.

To the stay at home moms:

I know you set your alarm extra early to wake up before the kids so you have some time to yourself in the day. However, the exhaustion of yesterday has you hitting snooze until you are woken up by your child standing next to you saying “Good morning, Mommy!”

But I also know you get to wake up and make pancakes in the kitchen with your little ones while having a dance party to the Moana soundtrack.

I know your entire day is made up of meeting your little ones wants and needs, and barely having time to pee yourself.

But I also know you are building block castles, having park play dates, coloring pictures, and doing super cool “experiments” with your kids and having the best time doing it.

I know when the clock strikes 5 o’clock you start looking at your phone and wondering how close it is to bath time or when Daddy is going to get home.

But I also know that you are getting to watch your little ones grow and learn in the most intimate way possible, never missing any of their milestones or achievements.

I know after they have gone to bed you just collapse in your bed, stare at the wall, with a big glass of wine waiting next to you on the night stand.

But I also know that after 5 minutes of silence you miss them, and creep back into their rooms to watch them sleep peacefully.

“Remind yourself you’re in the good ‘ole days before you’ve left them.”

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