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Meet Pittsburgh Moms Blog’s Newest Contributors

We are thrilled to introduce you to our newest Pittsburgh Moms Blog team members! You’ll get to know them more over the next weeks as they share their first posts with you. Here’s a little insight into the newest Pittsburgh moms who are joining our team!



Amanda is a 32-year-old Pittsburgh native who ventured from living along the Allegheny River as a child to crossing the rivers and now living along the Monongahela River with her husband (Tom) and two boys (T.J. age 5 & Joey age 1). She is a Journalism graduate of Point Park University (2008) and has been working as a Marketing/Business Development professional in the Engineering Industry since.
 “Family First” is the Mihailoff motto so Amanda likes to focus on providing fun experiences and (too many) toys for the kids all while supporting her husband’s dream of coaching high school football. Between a full-time career, kids’ and their activities and homework, and Tom’s full plate, Amanda is always on the go but with a smile and laughter. Life gets crazy but it’s the journey through it that matters!

 Free time does eventually roll around for Amanda. That’s when you will find her trying new recipes, using a new home workout, golfing, going for coffee with a friend, watching movies, or scrolling Facebook (and not afraid to admit it).


Ashli is a Fayette County native but made the leap to Allegheny County in 2013.  She married a man named Jarred that she met randomly at a Toby Keith concert at KeyBank Pavilion.  Seven years later, they have shared four blissful years of marriage and have welcomed three children into their homes; their oldest- a black rescue lab named Fiona, a sweet toddler boy named Collins, and a precious baby girl named Carmie.

Ashli and her clan live in the South Hills, but more importantly five short minutes to Target where she enjoys quiet weekend strolls through the aisles.  Extra bonus points are added when she stumbles upon something she doesn’t need, but has to purchase because it has the red clearance sticker on it.  

Ashli is currently working on obtaining her Master’s degree in STEM Education.  Ashli is passionate about working with children, and is a fifth-grade teacher presently on maternity leave.  Last January, Kristine Sorensen from KDKA interviewed Ashli because she was nominated as a top Peer Mentor for the students in her district.  While away from the classroom this year to take care of her own sweet babies, she receives weekly FaceTime calls from former students that need a pep talk.  Ashli’s goal in life is to change the lives of students that have ventured onto that wrong path in life, and do everything she can to get them back on the right one.  



Bethany and her cast of characters live in the Beechview area of Pittsburgh. Her and her partner Casey rule over their kingdom that includes their 7 year old son, Jones, Herman the Bulldog, and their two chickens, Goldie Hen and Susan SarHendon. They are joined frequently by her 21 year old son, Kyle, and his one year son, Leo. For those of you following along, yes, that makes Bethany a grandmother. 
Bethany is a public relations professional who has worked the gamut from higher ed, to nonprofit, to agency, to corporate, and is very happy now to be working for herself and a few select clients. She is very much enjoying her extra time at home, and has even, to the horror of her family, started cooking more, too. 
She is able to lend more of a hand to the family real estate now, helping to manage and promote their properties, including their tiny house that they airbnb. She is also the creator and organizer of Hell on Hills, the World’s Steepest 5K, and is the President of the Beechview Athletic Association. 
This a family full of sports fanatics, and during Pirate season you can often find them at PNC Park. Bethany also enjoys live music, spending time with her friends and family, traveling, and entertaining (she super loves a good theme). 
She has also been known to love a glass or two of wine. 


Chelsea was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She currently lives in Hampton with her husband, one year old son, and three animals.  As a Greek woman, she’s constantly questioned as to whether her blonde haired, blue eyed son is really hers (he is!).  She spends her weekdays as a recruiter of nurses, a career that she shares with her husband.  She loves being able to talk to caring, passionate nurses on a daily basis.

A fan of all creative pursuits, she spends her free time crocheting, writing, and dreaming up home improvement projects that never turn out quite the way she planned.  She and her husband hate to sit at home, and spend all weekends out and about, even if it’s just a trip around the mall.



Daria is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist practicing in Moon Township.  She also is a professor at Waynesburg University.  In an effort to reach more families, she started her own company, First Comes Love, LLC, and provides workshops on parenting, relationships, and making the transition to parenthood (read more here –
Daria was born and raised in Beaver County before moving out of state for college.  She is a graduate of Northwestern University and the University of South Carolina Honors College.  She returned to the Pittsburgh area in 2011 and currently resides in Washington County.
She is married to her best friend’s brother and has a 2-year-old daughter.  She loves to travel and collects Baby-Sitters Club books.


Deidre is currently a wife, mom, and works from home while juggling two little ones, housework, and the ever elusive “me time”. Some of her favorite activities include thrifting/yard sales, couponing, arts and crafts, cooking, and entertaining. She lived in the South Hills for 4 years before packing up and moving to Beaver County in search of a big yard and less traffic. Deidre and her family love to visit the libraries for their special kids events.


I’ve been called a lot of names in my 30 years of life, but the past 6 years it has mainly been “momma”. I’m a stay at home mom of a two, three, four, and six year old. Yes, that means I had four children in five years. Before my daughter was born I decided to be a “kit napper” with Thirty One Gifts, and almost 6 years later it’s been one of the best decisions of my life! This “bag thing”, as my husband calls it, has allowed me to stay home with our kids and the freedom to do extracurricular activities. Not to mention, I’ve met a lot of wonderful friends that I didn’t have 6 years ago. Moms need people too! We can’t pour into others if we haven’t filled our own cup. I’ve experienced many highs in my motherhood journey, that’s what we all look forward too!

I’ve also experienced some significant lows. Having a miscarriage was one that I wasn’t sure I would be able to overcome. Thankfully, I did and here I am 7 years later with four beautiful babies to share my successes, failures and things my kids do that  no one would believe if it wasn’t written down. 


Emily is a teacher of English/language arts and family and consumer science, currently stay at home mom.  Raised on the eastern side of Pennsylvania but moved to Pittsburgh for graduate school with her husband.

Emily and her husband have been married for four years and enjoy traveling to different countries.  She has almost two year identical twin boys, Xavier and Bruce.  Her family enjoys eating and making new foods as well as standby family recipes, can be found at the farmers market on weekends, and exploring events and museums around the city.




Jessica Y. is a first time mommy!  She is married to the love of her life, Jake, who was her first crush in 2nd grade.  They have a baby girl, Lexii, who is 4 months old and their fur daughter, Uzi, who is an adorable Shepard/Lab mix.  They currently reside in the Mars Area.

Jessica has a Master’s Degree in Special Education focusing in Autism.  However, that degree is sitting pretty collecting dust as her passion is now with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  Jessica is Pittsburgh’s Youngest Sales Director and 3x Free Car Achiever.  She loves meeting new women (especially mommies) and sharing the opportunity Mary Kay has to offer.  She is a stay-at-home/work-at-home mom and loves every minute of it.  She is so happy Lexii is being raised in an environment in which she is surrounded by strong, successful businesswomen daily instead of a daycare. She is also passionate about helping moms be able to be home with their kids and have a successful career at the same time.  Jessica calls Lexii her little assistant, as they frequently have coffee dates, teach skincare, make deliveries and have makeup consultations. Her motto is “I have products that will change your face and an opportunity that will  change your life.”

When Jessica needs a “mommy moment” she enjoys getting her nails done, sipping on Starbucks while strolling through the Target isles, extreme couponing and posting photos of her family on social media. You can follow Jessica’s family adventures on instagram @mrsyoungker14.

Jessica is excited to share her journey as a first time mom and momentrepreneur, plus being a great wife in the process. She hopes to inspire other mommas to be the best they can be and leave a legacy. Be sure to check out her Facebook page.



Jessie is a 30 year old mother of 3. Her and her husband were married in 2005, when she was just 18! Following their marriage they quickly filled their house with laughter in 2006 Alexander was born, then followed by Grace in 2008 and Mckenzie in 2010. In the early years of motherhood she decided her efforts were best spent at home. In 2016 , when McKenzie entered the public school system, Jessie returned to work as a full time nanny. While she finds both motherhood and being a nanny rewarding; she also enjoys the arts of cooking and photography.

Jessie was born in Pittsburgh, however she was raised mostly in coastal Virginia where her father was stationed in the Navy. They returned home to Pittsburgh when he retired in 1998.



Melissa is originally from a small town in Massachusetts, but so happy to be making her home in Pittsburgh with her husband and best friend, Brian. Their family includes a cranky old cat, a lovable hound dog, and two wild and sweet daughters, Everly and Alison.

Melissa began her career as an English major, but through some twists and turns, ended up right where she was supposed to be as a cardiac nurse. She loved nursing, but decided to switch things up again and become a stay at home Mom to her two awesome girls. She spends her days pretending to eat fake food, cleaning up the same messes she cleaned up the day before, and giving lots of hugs and kisses. It’s the best.

Melissa is so excited to be writing again, and can’t wait to connect with and learn from the Pittsburgh Moms Blog community!



A Pittsburgh native, Rachel has spent just enough time living in other places to know that her heart is in the Steel City. She is mom to three young kids, including a set of twins. Rounding out the Moody household is her husband and their senior dog (and first “baby”). 

Rachel works full time in corporate communications, balancing her career with a family life that includes Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, dance, swimming, riding lessons and, of course, soccer. She looks forward to one day finding time to read more, cook things that aren’t frozen and learn how to use her DSLR camera in manual mode.  Right now, though, she’ll settle for catching a non-kids’ TV show, take-out pizza and an IPA.




Rebecca left home in the Pacific Northwest at 12 years old and was in various group settings and homeless for the remainder of her youth.  At the age of 17 she became an advocate for homeless youth and served on her first Board of Directors which established Seattle’s first homeless youth shelter, shortly after that she came out as Queer. Despite having a 9th grade education went on to attend University on scholarship, graduated, was accepted to Law School but chose not to attend.  After a 17 year career in policy, advocacy and social activist movements she married a Canadian and had a small litter of children in a short period of time.  After 9 years in Canada she fled with her children due to domestic violence arriving in Pittsburgh with three children and three suitcases.  She now raises her gender-variant children with a platonic partner and co-parent in Brookline.  

She changed careers and has become the COO of an extremely innovative company based in Pittsburgh.  Throughout all of these life experiences writing and performance was a constant lifeline for her, she has toured nationally performing her poetry and represented Pittsburgh in National Poetry Slam competition, co-written feature length plays and helped found a Queer Writing school in Seattle, WA. While in Pittsburgh she produced queer cabarets with a collective called Steel Queer N’at as well as produced K’vetch an open-mic for spoken work and is now exhilarated to merge all these parts into the team at Pittsburgh Mom’s Blog.


Teresa G is a work at home mom of two boys, ages 1 and 3, and has been happily married to her husband Gus for 6 years. She and her family currently reside in the Slippery Rock area, where she has been a longtime resident. 
Teresa has bachelor’s degrees in both Dance and Professional writing from Slippery Rock University. She has worked in many different fields over the years – dance teacher, aerobics instructor, swim teacher, and most recently, documentation specialist and content manager for a local software company. Currently, she works for The Hillman Center for Performing Arts at Shady Side Academy, and as a freelance writing professional and content manager. 
Teresa and her family spend much of their time outdoors, being active, and you can often find them in their “Little Boat” on Lake Arthur, or in the “Big Bass Boat” at Lake Erie. In her spare time, Teresa loves to practice yoga, run, and read anything she can get her hands on. 

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