Passionate About Pittsburgh
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My Tribe

I love where I live. We’re 13 minutes from Downtown Pittsburgh. The homes are large and cheap. We can walk to almost anything – the library, a yummy bakery, a new coffee shop, our first bar (prohibition finally ended here last year) and our schools. There are no buses in our district – with the exception of some special needs students. Because we parents are responsible for taking our kids to and from school, and we are comprised of 2 small boroughs something amazing happens -families get to know each other.

On those sidewalks, parking lots and playgrounds we learn who to ask to join a committee or who can pick up your kid from school in a pinch.

We are small with roughly 1,200 kids from K-12 and because of that our camaraderie and school spirit is fierce!

Not only have my kids made many wonderful, lasting friendships,so have I.

“The Mamma’s” as we call ourselves are one of the most wonderful circle of friends that I’ve ever gotten to know in my just-about-38-years. Some of us have been friends longer than others but our core group-who I have affectionately dubbed ‘my tribe of weirdo’s’ – has been a thing for about 5 years now.

Between all of us there are 17 kids ranging from 1 year all the way up to a few in their early 20’s with the majority of them being teenagers.

We’ve seen each other through a lot of ups and downs including a move, redistricting, lamenting over our kids’ choices in significant others, the loss of a parent and even a cancer diagnoses of one of our beloved kids.


Mostly though we have laughed and celebrated together! Sweet 16’s, graduations, new jobs, kids breaking up with a significant other, a new baby and most recently the engagement of the oldest daughter in the group! So exciting!

We have plotted and planned classroom parties and school events, met for breakfast on a whim, cheered on our home team together during Friday night lights (Go Flames!) and a few of us have even road tripped to DC together.

I’m quite certain that our group texts are of epic proportions and everyone should be so lucky to have a cookie exchange slumber party in their 30’s and 40’s to escape the hustle and bustle of the holidays even if just for 16 hours.

Yep, that’s right! We have sleepovers. No husbands, no kids. Most of the time it’s outside in tents. Just recently we spent time in the beautiful Laurel Mountains on a weekend camping trip.Sitting around the fire eating,laughing,drinking and building each other up. Discussing our homes, husbands, jobs, etc… But mostly our little town, schools and those 17 awesome kids who pretty much put us together.

Raising a family is hard work. Having fantastic,strong women you can go to to vent or celebrate life’s victories makes things a little easier. So I urge you, go find your mamma’s, tribe, circle, village,  etc. You will be happier for it. I promise.



{This post is dedicated to my tribe of weirdo’s: Jill, Dot, Nance, Chris and Amy. You guys are one the best perks I’ve gotten out of motherhood. Love Yinz bunches!!!


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