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Picture Perfect Life

The brutal truth is no mom is perfect so why do we all feel like we need to portray the perfect life on Facebook.  Let’s take a moment and be real, ladies:

  • You did not roll out of bed looking fabulous after you were up four times with a fussy baby YET you post a picture of your perky self with the Pinterest breakfast
  • Your house really cant look that perfect all the time and if it does, Ill send you my address and feel free to come over anytime.
  • Did you really just whip up those dairy, nut, gluten-free perfect school snack with ingredients from your pantry?
  • I’m so happy that you were able to get all of your children smiling perfectly for your perfect vacation picture, because lets be honest the only way I get all smiling group photos is with bribery-pure and simple! Smile and we will get you a lollipop
  • I admit I’m at fault when it comes to posting pictures of my husband and I looking all fancy on a date night, but the truth is I really just want to document the fact that I took a shower and put on clean clothes and rembered to hire a babysitter more than a day in advance.
  • Please tell me I’m not the only one who makes the random stranger take 12 photos of me in a group because I have to make sure I can post the one that makes me look the less fat.

These are just a few examples of the things we all see each and every day as we scroll our news feeds on social media. Instead of the popular 30 days of gratefulness photo challenge in November I’m gonna try the welcome to real life photo challenge 😊 Here’s a few to get me started and I welcome you to join along with me and remeber to post the REAL life photos instead of photos of the life we think we want!



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