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When Are You Having Another Baby?

If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me when me and my husband are going to have another baby we both could quit our full-time jobs. 

People say, “you two make a cute child.” If people based their decisions on having more children because they are cute then I am sure we would all have a full litter. 

Baby Lorenzo

Truth is, the decision to have another baby is not an easy one. It is actually kind of a big deal. 

When our son came along we were not prepared as it took us by surprise. We were newlyweds and within nine months we were parents. We would like to think that the second time around we will be ready. Well, try to be ready at least. 

It is easy for other people to say you are never fully prepared for more children and I can almost agree with them. However, having another baby is a lifestyle change.

We would be dependent on financials, childcare, and healthcare. Those are big changes that cannot be ignored. We have a mortgage and other expenses. We depend on family, mostly my mother-in-law, for childcare. We depend on my job for healthcare. Having another baby affects more than just us. So our decision to procreate will not be taken lightly. 

Am I ready to take the toll on my body? I would need to have another C-section and surgery plus recovery is not easy. Am I ready to go through the mental aspect that comes along with raising tiny humans? The answer is I am not physically or mentally ready to go through the motions of pregnancy and what comes after. 

If you ask our three year old if he would like a sibling he normally flat out tells us no. In fairness, we are his world and why would he ever want to share us? Having a baby would be a huge adjustment for him. He loves babies, but he also loves that they do not come home with us! 

Photo Credit – Barsottini Photography

There are also little changes like back to sleepless nights and diaper changes. Or overcoming the challenges with breastfeeding versus bottle feeding. Even getting out of the house with two kids in tow seems exhausting. 

The changes and challenges are endless. We are the kind of people who will not jump into decisions that do not make sense for the three of us. At the end of the day, what matters most is how we want to build our lives. It may seem like our family is not complete to others, but right now our hearts could not be more full. 

I know that we will never be 100% ready and it may come as a surprise just like the first time around. We will take those strides when and if they come. 

I know our family and friends are anxious to know when we will be expecting again. Angelo, Lorenzo, and I are content on being a family of three right now and we are not expecting any time soon. 

Family of Three

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  1. Kendra Valdez July 2, 2018 at 9:01 am #

    Thank you for this post Amanda! We are also a family of three with a fabulous three year old. She’s gotten to the point that she’s starting to be self-sufficient with certain things and the idea of adding a newborn to the mix is daunting. I hear near daily that we should have another and I just don’t know if that’s in our cards. I appreciate knowing I’m not the only one!

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