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A Yes Day For Your Child- Yay Or Nay?

Summer is ending, school is right around the corner and we have had a great summer! My husband and I decided to celebrate our six year old daughter’s good behavior and new milestone of going into first grade with a Yes Day! Have you ever heard of a Yes Day? The first time I heard about it was through social media and I thought it was a fun idea!

Here is the concept of Yes Day: It is to reward good behavior, celebrate a milestone/good deed or anything your heart desires. The rules are that whatever your child asks for that day, you say yes! Now obviously it goes without saying that their requests have to be within reason (no same say trip to Hawaii, or really expensive toys!). We were not sure what to expect with our  Yes Day but it turned out to be so much fun! My husband took the day off of work to indulge in Yes Day with us and our daughter surprised us with her simple requests. It was great day to spend quality time together as a family and to makedaughter feel extra special. 

Like I mentioned, I was actually shocked by her simple requests, I was expecting her to ask for the latest gadget or a trip to Disney World. Instead, she truly just enjoyed spending one on one time with us and getting some extra attention.

Here is a brief recap of our day:

She requested a specific breakfast in bed with us, so we obliged!

Breakfast in bed for Yes day!

She asked for a Jojo Siwa doll and a Ninja Warrior cape from Target (reasonable), so we obliged!

Jojo Siwa doll she asked for during Yes Day! 


Nina Warrior Cape!

Another wish she had was to go Rock Climbing, so we took her to a local Children’s play place and let her climb away!

Rock climbing

And last but not least, she asked for dessert before dinner at one of her favorite restaurants. Yes!

Dessert before dinner, yes please!

All in all, Yes Day turned out to be so much fun. Would you do this with  your kids? Do you think it is a good or bad idea? Feel free to share your thoughts!




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