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The Birds, The Bees and… Flowers? (Dear Daughter)


Anxiety hits, my brows and nose sweat and my voice trembles as I begin to talk. I can’t believe I am about to have this conversation with my daughter.

Can I pretend that my daughter will never hit puberty and that she will stay this way forever? In this world of plastic surgery, a world where being promiscuous is glamorized and filters that are non existent where and how do I begin?

It is clear that my daughter is just as uncomfortable as I am but this must be done. So here it goes.

Dear Daughter,

The birds are wonderful creatures and the world needs bees to pollinate our beautiful flowers. Birds are smart creatures and are particular about where they lay their eggs and are very protective over them. Bees work very hard at what they do and as the movie depicts, without the bees much of the world’s food sources will perish.

Flowers are earth’s beauty and additionally, some flowers hold the key to medicines and healing agents we humans need.

So, you see…. we are creatures of the earth and we must protect our bodies. We must work hard and make sure we take care of ourselves because we are flowers and although some flowers are very delicate and only bloom in the spring, others bloom later in the year bearing a great medicine but those flowers have patience to wait for their beauty to ripen. You are a beautiful flower blooming at the right stage, at the right time wait for your petals to become mature.

This is what I want to say……. to EVERY daughter. Us women are daughters. We are daughters of the Earth and we are flowers, lovely, fragrant, special, delicate and medicinal. We each bloom at different times and we have so many colors to display.


We can be gathered, planted, transplanted and dried for different purposes but a flower is still a flower. Some flowers grow in most unexpected places such as in between concrete. Others grown in gardens.. It does not matter where a flower grows or how it got there, all that matters is it’s beauty. Some flowers may not be much to look at but their fragrance is no contest to any other.



I feel like the earth is saying to us daughters, to make others wait and look forward to our bloom. Whatever season it is, the anticipation of the beauty and fragrance of you is worth all the wait. We each bloom differently at different times through different circumstances.  We can and will bloom.


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