Passionate About Pittsburgh
and the Moms Who Live Here


As a thirty one year old woman with three children I have to say I haven’t been grounded in quite some time… that is until this week. My eleven year old, as sweet as can be, grounded me from ‘being sick’. All in one month, I have had a kidney infection, liver problems, and a handful of bleeding stomach ulcers. I was in the hospital for 15 non-consecutive days (that’s more than half the month in case you aren’t keeping track). My poor little guy missed his momma and he did not want me to leave him again.

It was way past bed time on Saturday night as he tucks me in to bed. He smells like Dove for Men and Axe deodorant… I try to remember when he stopped smelling like a baby and started smelling like his daddy.

Unfortunately the ‘groundation’ didn’t stand; within hours, I was back in the hospital, and his little heart was broken. But for a split second, I saw the father and husband my son will be one day. A glimpse of the future; he was caring and gentle. He made his momma so proud. 

Photo Credit to Michelle Walter


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