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I’m quickly approaching that mark where my sweet baby girl will have been outside of my belly for as long as she spent on the inside and for some reason that has me all a flutter. These past eight months have both flown by and stood still. Is that even possible? Some days I literally feel like I blink and she’s a whole new baby or looking even less like a baby and more and more like a tiny toddler. Sitting here reflecting back on these last few months and getting ready to celebrate my first official Mother’s Day, a few things come to mind that I’ve been trying to embrace. Here are my top 5 tips for all you Mommas. 

  1. Give yourself grace. Period.
  2. Embrace your mom bod every day. You’re beautiful in every way.
  3. It’s OK to say no. Life isn’t what it used to be and you don’t have to feel bad about that.
  4. Breathe. Maybe it’s just remembering to exhale. Maybe it’s 5 minutes in the bathroom or maybe it’s ten minutes of meditation. Just remember to breathe.
  5. Create a ritual – for you. In the morning before the kiddos get up, at nap time, or at night after you’ve tucked them in. Whenever it is create it, enjoy it and stick to it. You’ll begin to cherish this time with yourself.

 I also asked a few of my favorite Mommas to share their top tips and advice for all you lovely Mommas for this Mother’s Day. I hope you enjoy. 

“Put yourself first. Now, of course I don’t mean that to be taken completely literal!  Think more airplane oxygen mask type situation – “put your mask on before helping others.”  I think to be the best mom, you need to make sure you are taking care of yourself!   Whether it’s working out, reading a good book, taking a bath, getting a massage, or just making time to watch your favorite show – it’s important to take care of yourself and make time for yourself. I know when I don’t, I turn into a bear! I’m a better wife, and a better mom when I also make time for myself and do the things that maybe don’t come as easy and don’t get put first when you become a mom!”
Danaea || daughter Everly, 4

“Pick your battles and stick to your guns! If you say no from the start then no means no. But, if it’s one of those days and they ask for something and you say yes right away, for example, ice cream before dinner, then what’s the harm?”
— Alison || daughter Isabel 9, and stepsons Noah, 19 and Josh, 15

“If I had to choose just one piece of mothering advice…my go-to, this-is-what-I-write-on-index-cards-at-baby-showers…very simply put: be kind. Really, genuinely, just be a good person! We can teach our kiddos long division, how to throw a softball, that red and yellow make orange, but these things won’t shape your child the way their spirit and their character will. So fill them with love! Show them light and patience and acceptance. BE KIND. To your children, to your spouse or partner, to the teenagers at the mall, and the old lady down the street. And hey – you there, mama – be kind to YOURSELF, okay? You can’t fill up the cups from an empty pot (coffee reference, because #moms).”
— Karianne || daughters Olive, 2 and Finley, 4 months

“Behind every toddler is a mom…shoving a cookie in her mouth so she doesn’t have to share and that’s OK! Don’t let mom guilt stop you from enjoying the little things, even if it’s just the joy of eating an entire cookie by yourself, you deserve it.”
Nichole || daughter Riann, 1

“I feel like there are so many tips I’d like to give other mothers. The one thing that sticks most out to me is, just letting other moms know that making time for herself is important too. In a time where we are so consumed by full-time mommy-ing, full time working , and being electronically and socially plugged in all the time, I think we forget how to just take care of ourselves mentally and physically. Go for a run or try out that new yoga class you’ve been wanting to try out. Don’t feel guilty. The time spent bettering yourselves, better those around you.”
— Courtney || sons Cash, 5 and Cy, 2

“Make alone time for you and your husband. Dates out, vacations, etc. The kids grow up and move away. AND it’s okay to take ME time. It makes you a better mom.”
— Annette || adult daughters – Raeanne and Karianne

“Give yourself an abundance of grace. You carried this child/these children for 9 months, birthed them and attend to every single on of their needs 24 hours a day. On your good days, pour out that grace to other Mommas. We need more moms lifting each other up rather than tearing down. On your not so good days of mothering, give yourself an abundance of grace.”
— Kait || daughter Eden, 9 months

“Enjoy your time with them as they grow. Take time each day to notice how they are changing, learning, and developing their own personality. Do this not only when they are 2, 15, or 23 months, but when they are 3, 9, and 15 years old. Embrace talking to them and helping them learn to become a caring, responsible child, adolescent, and adult. The days, months and years will go by so fast.”
— Carol || adult Sons – Dave, Chris Tim and Rob 

You’ll notice a common theme here and that is to take some time to yourself. So, this Mother’s Day, if you can, take some time to just do you. Read a few chapters in that book you keep picking up, drink a cup of coffee without reheating it in the microwave, take a walk (it can be around Target – no judgement), get a massage or a pedicure, go to the movies, whatever it is you are being called to do – DO THAT. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you. I celebrate you today and every day. 

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