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To Grandma on Mother’s Day

I have been blessed to know such a great motherly influence – my grandma. 


She was taken away from me too soon, when I was 23. I often feel like she had lots more to each me about being a mom, but God had other plans for her. 

She taught me a lot of life lessons, but being a mom is my favorite one. 

If you ever needed a mom, no matter who you were, she was always there. 

She was the supporter, cheerleader, nurse, life coach, chef, and friend. 

She was there for the sunshine and through the rainstorms. 

Most importantly, she was there because you needed a mom. 

I get sad just thinking about how she’s not here to watch Lorenzo grow up. But, our loved ones who have passed, forever live on in our hearts. 

I will be sure to teach him that honesty is always the best policy, family matters most, and I’ll always be his mom first and friend second. 

I will make him laugh, cry, love me, and hate me. 



And through every moment of his life, I will be there for him. 



Happy Mother’s Day, Grandma. Here’s to teaching me my most valuable life lesson ever. 

Love, Amanda Jo. 

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One Response to To Grandma on Mother’s Day

  1. Tina May 14, 2017 at 4:00 pm #

    I could not of said it any better Amanda! You 3 kids were her and your Papas life! And Aunt Sis tought us all lessons that I still use today with my Megan. God do I miss her too and I know everyone that had the privilege to know her feels the same way we both do. I miss her dearly and Wish she was here just for 1 more talk that we always had! I love u Aunt Sis