Passionate About Pittsburgh
and the Moms Who Live Here

10 Things I’m Giving Up as a Mom

Early on in motherhood, I started to feel a sense of mourning.  There were so many things that I felt pressure to give up, just so that I would fit the “mom” mold.  They weren’t necessary to leave behind in order to be a responsible parent, they were just things that I felt made me […]

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When Parents Bully

It was one of those magical moments out of a real estate commercial: My husband and I driving around what was to be our new neighborhood, with our faces lighting up like up like Christmas trees with every new street we approached. There were all types of different homes to choose from. The neighborhood included […]

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An Ode to my 20’s

The balloon pops; the party is over, Happy Birthday to me and then a sing-songy, bittersweet ending to my 20’s. Yep, turning 30 and I have considered being like Joey in Friends and shouting “WHY GOD, WHY?!”. However, I also see all the fun memories I have made and the mistakes I had wished I […]

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The Loyal One

One of the things I have really struggled with this summer is having a good group of mom friends. It’s a game changer when you have children with special needs, or if you have more than “normal” 2.5 kids. It doesn’t matter how old your kids are, hanging out with “mom friends” over the summer […]

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Steel Cut Oat Blueberry Scones Recipe

Steel Cut Oat Blueberry Scones 2018-07-13 03:02:03 Perfect for breakfast or as an afternoon snack, these blueberry scones are easy to make and always a crowd pleaser. Write a review Save Recipe Print Ingredients 1 1/4 cups steel cut oats 1/2 cup milk 1 1/2 cups flour 1 teaspoon baking soda 1 teaspoon sugar 1/4 [...]
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apple pie

The BEST Caramel Apple Pie

Have you been looking for the perfect apple pie recipe? Here it is! I recommend making a lattice crust, but if that’s not your thing, I promise this pie will still turn out delicious! Enjoy! The BEST Caramel Apple Pie 1/2 cup unsalted butter 3 tbsp flour 1/2 cup white sugar 1/2 cup brown sugar […]

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