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11 Inspiring Children’s Books for Women’s History Month

Celebrating Women’s History Month I believe it’s time to show our kids that real women don’t always need crowns or magic wands to do great things. It’s time that we showcase strong, capable, smart women–real women–in our movies and our books. We have a chance to change the narrative that women need saving, that women […]

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Stop Drowning in the Paper that Kids Bring Home from School… Every. Single. Day.

I have 5 school aged kids. 5 kids lugging home crafts, projects, tests, photos, notebooks, and journals from school. 5 kids needing forms signed, tests reviewed, homework checked. Even in this digital age, there are still papers literally piling up on every flat surface of my house.   For years, I was  swimming in my kids’ […]

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Parenting Lessons From My Mom

On Christmas Day, my worst nightmare happened.  It started as a cancelled Christmas morning at my parents’ house due to what we thought was the flu.  It ended with a phone call from my Father that I’ll never be able to erase from my memory. “Mom died.” My mother was not battling terminal illness.  She […]

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