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#WeArePMB – Viva Portraits

Recently our Pittsburgh Moms Blog Team had the opportunity to meet each other in person and experience a evening of fun, laughter and great conversation! (These ladies are amazing mamas!) During this incredible evening the PMB team had the opportunity to participate in a photo shoot by Viva Portraits Studio. Tricia Nicolas, owner and head photographer, […]

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Photo Credit to Viva Portraits

What Not to Say to Someone With Depression

Depression is real.  It’s not just being in a bad mood or feeling down for a few days. To those who suffer it’s like living in a deep, dark, desolate place where you cannot see any light.  Nothing brings you joy and you get behind on life. This isolating illness has been a part of […]

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The Day I Realized I Needed Help

I remember it being a cold February morning – I had been a stay at home mom for about 10 months and definitely not loving it. Even though I had the sweetest, most compassionate 3 year old at home with me, I couldn’t seem to get over the thought that kept swirling around in my […]

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Build a Living Legacy….

Or maybe just swim in the deep end, in your bikini, with stretch marks and your bathing suit that you have had for 10yrs… What will your living legacy be?   The moment you lay eyes on your child for the first time, be it an ultrasound at the doctors office, a picture from the […]

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PMB is taking off!300x220

PMB is taking off! {Our Top Ten of 100 Published Posts}

Pittsburgh Moms Blog is so excited to announce that we are officially 100 posts into our launch! Our incredible team of Pittsburgh moms have gone above and beyond with their writings on parenting, cooking, DIY, etc. In celebration of this exciting milestone we hope you enjoy looking back at our top ten most popular posts. In […]

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