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Everything Will Be OK

Recently someone in my community experienced the loss of their child. This event was jarring to me and I wanted to write about how I feel. I want to send hope to all who have experienced such a tragedy. I want start off by first saying that everything will be ok.

Why is it when something unexpected happens that we freeze, clam up and forget how to “be?” I don’t know who needs to hear this but, everything will be ok. Too many times we turn on the TV, see and hear horrific events involving those across the country. Why do these tragedies happen? 

Death defines the act of living. It is inevitable that death will come. However, you are not living if all you think about is loss or the fear of losing. Constantly you will worry about losing someone and with that energy you waste time, time you could be spending with that loved one. Make those memories that you will keep with you forever. Do not worry about the unknown or philosophical. Enjoy the one life you have. Everything will be ok. 

Humans are strong and resilient. We can handle more than we think we can bare. However, being human also means we feel pain in both the emotional and physical forms. Tragedy may effect you directly or indirectly. Know that you are never alone in your feelings. There is someone out there who is or did go through a similar situation. The most important thing you can do is talk. Keep talking until you get every thought out of your ever spinning mind. Why is it that you have to deal with such pain? I don’t have answers for you. However, know that you will be able to move forward. Everything will be ok.

Sadness needs to be felt. It needs to be released slowly or in a flood of anger, questions, revelations and tears. Why did this happen? This question can eternally haunt. However, you cannot let it take over. You cannot let tragedy win over your mind. You must keep living. You have the ability to take those emotions and put them towards positivity. Think of all the good that is around you. Think of all the positive. Keep thinking of the positive until you only think that way. Everything will be ok.

No one is ever gone. Memories last with you for a lifetime. They may not be here in physical form, but they stay with you in mind and spirit. You have to cherish the time you have. Keep those memories locked up. Think of the funny memories when you’re having a tough day. Think of the lessons taught and how you will pass them along. Memories never die. Memories live through births, first days of school, graduations, marriages, divorce and death. They live on. Keep them alive through actions. Show positivity through your daily life. Show that everything will be ok. 

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