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I Am Tired of the Excuses

I am so over the excuses. There is no place for excuses. I am done with them, and you should be too.

Say what?!

We moms need to stop saying “excuse the mess,” or the pizza boxes, or the laundry piles in the beautiful pictures we post of our kids, pets and family. When I see these pictures, I do not see those things. Honestly, I did not see them until you pointed them out. I see craft projects being held up with pride. I see big brothers and sisters sharing with their siblings. All in all, I see moms spending time with their family, enjoying the precious little time with have with our little humans before they grow into moms and dads.

If anyone understands an “out of place” household, it is me. I’m a full-time working mom of 5 year old and 1 year old boys. I call them my tornado and my hurricane. One leaves a trail of destruction and the other demolishes everything. Give them 20 minutes alone, see what happens to the too-many toys crowding our living room (while I’m secretly jealous of those with an extra room used as a kid’s play room).

On average, I spend two-and-a-half hours with the boys between school/daycare pick ups and bedtime. Sometimes I cook, sometimes my husband cooks. There are times the older one wants to help cook! After that we eat. Then we play. We take out books. We take out cars. Anything that strikes their mood, I am game! I cherish this time. And boy do we make messes.

Our “storms” on an average day of destruction.

In the midst of the mess, the boys do cute things. Cute things = pictures and videos. Included in these pictures and videos? Our mess. I do not care if you see our mess, and you should not care either. Amongst the floor of duplo blocks and Paw Patrol pups, there are two boys, a mom and a dad laughing, smiling, tackling, chasing, dancing, fighting, loving.

When the storms have gone to bed, and after the lunches are packed, Mom and Dad place all those memories back in their place ready for the next day. Unless it is the weekend. The storms clean the damage those days. So stop being ashamed of the disasters in the background. Embrace them. Those extras seen back there? I do not see them. I see memories in the making.

Are you done excusing your mess, too? Post your photos and embrace the memories in the making!

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