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Life Is Too Short To Play By The Rules

I posted this picture on Facebook a few weeks ago that captioned “I know there are a lot of opinions about bedtime routines, but when your son asks you if you’re gonna hug him, you hug him until you no longer can. Because life if too short to play by the rules.” 

Do you ever think about how many parenting rules there are? 

Off of the top of my head I can fire off a few. Children should only be breastfed. Do not co-sleep and let them cry it out. Feed them organic foods and only drink water. Limit television time and only let them watch education programs. Do not teach them the correct names for their body parts and always watch what you say around them. 

The parenting handbook has been passed down, rewritten, and almost impossible to always follow along. 

Now, I have plenty of moms friends who play by the rules. They are all Rock Star Mamas and I fully support their parenting journey. 

BUT . . . I’m a rule breaker. 

My parenting style is very much my own. I mostly try to keep everyone alive while picking my battles and trying not to lose my mind. 

My son eats at least one chocolate chip cookie a day, drinks more juice than water, and one of his favorite tv shows is The Incredible Dr. Pol. Yes, my three year old watches a television show that features animal castration and baby calfs being born. 

Some parents are probably thinking, “how in the heck can she let him watch that.” I’m not going to lie as this question has come across my mind once or twice. I know the show can be a little intense sometimes, but he enjoys watching it. This show may not measure up to Daniel Tiger or Sesame Street, but it’s teaching my son lessons about life, death, and compassion. 

Even though this post may seem like I’m a very laid back mother, I promise I am anything but that. I’m a very anxious person, which makes for a more anxious parent. I simply cannot follow the rules because my mind won’t allow it. It’s too stressful. 

We do follow a routine most days so it’s not pure craziness everyday. But, our routine probably isn’t the same as yours. 

Some days my son eats a well balanced meal, sleeps in his room all night, and watches Saturday morning cartoons. 

Other days he doesn’t. And that’s okay because I’m not winning an award if he eats organic or sleeps through the night. 

I’ll gladly take an award for my toddler being one of the happiest boys anyone has ever met. 

Throwing out the parenting handbook makes my son a happier toddler and me a happier mother. 

I’ll continue to snuggle my child to sleep every night until the cows come home because life is too short to play by the rules!

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4 Responses to Life Is Too Short To Play By The Rules

  1. Tina September 13, 2017 at 7:13 am #

    Amanda, I have to say I agree 100%. As you know I have raised my daughter Megan with the same feelings and I think she has turned out Perfect. When my husband (her Dad) passed away Megan was 2 and she began to sleep with me & I remember telling Dr Breit about this and his response was if she is 21 and still sleeping with you then we have a issue. As you know she has had her own apt. Now 2yrs and sleeping alone. So, I will say, you are on the right track, pick and choose your battles some you will win and some will lose but in the end everyone is happy! You and Angelo are such caring, giving, and Loving parents and it shows. KEEP DOING WHAT YOU TWO ARE DOING! Love ya guys

    • Amanda
      Amanda September 16, 2017 at 6:59 pm #

      You are a great mom and Megan is a great daughter! Thank you for all of your support. Love you!

  2. Ryan September 15, 2017 at 8:19 am #

    Yes, Amanda! All of this. I lay in bed every night until my 5 year falls asleep. So WHAT? Who made these arbitrary rules and why in the heck is parenting to supposed to be one-size-fits-all. Bravo!

  3. Amanda
    Amanda September 16, 2017 at 6:58 pm #

    Parenting is hard enough to navigate. The parenting rule book is just too much! My son will not grow up and say my mommy snuggled me too much! He’s going to say that I’ve always been there for him. Life needs to be simple. And I’m happier that’s the life we are choosing. Thanks!