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Pittsburgh Moms Blog Donates 98 Backpacks with Supplies to Pittsburgh Public Schools

Pittsburgh Moms Blog has partnered with manufacturer Sydney Paige Inc. in order to bring backpacks and supplies to Pittsburgh Public Schools.

Pittsburgh Moms Blog is thrilled to announce that it donated 98 backpacks filled with school supplies to Pittsburgh Public Schools. The backpacks and supplies, arriving on a pallet weighing over 500 pounds, were received by Pittsburgh Public Schools this week.

“This donation of school supplies will ensure ninety-eight students are equipped for school,” said Public Information Officer, Ebony Pugh.  “The success of our annual back-to-school event depends largely on the generosity of the community.  We appreciate Pittsburgh Mom’s Blog for coordinating this drive to support our students and families.”

In partnership with Sydney Paige Inc., Pittsburgh Moms Blog’s writers and readers participated in the backpack drive throughout the holiday season and winter by making an individual purchase. For each bag that was purchased, one was donated (and filled with school supplies). Sydney Paige Inc.’s Founder and CEO Courtney Brockmeyer calls this giving strategy the company’s “Buy One, Give One” philosophy.

Here’s what was donated for each bag purchased: 

Pittsburgh Moms Blog worked directly with Courtney Brockmeyer of Sydney Paige to organize the backpack drive. PMB is so happy to help provide quality backpacks and school supplies to low income youth because getting the tools that students need for school generates REAL RESULTS:

– improved attendance
– improved classroom behavior
– improved grades
– higher state test scores (both in language and math)
– higher graduation rates!!!
Pittsburgh Moms Blog worked with Sydney Paige because we wanted to give quality bags so that they last the school year and beyond, and with all of the padding and amenities that children from higher income households are able to enjoy . . . b/c QUALITY = DIGNITY and we are doing our part to provide equal education opportunities for all.

Courtney Brockmeyer is clearly passionate about providing quality products to children in need. Her ‘mantra’ for Sydney Paige is “Giving Back Together” because “alone, I can only do so much, but by partnering with others giving back to their communities, the opportunities are endless.”

Pittsburgh Moms Blog will be working with Sydney Paige throughout the coming summer to sponsor a back-to-school backpack drive and the opportunity to purchase or straight donate remains open. This continued drive will be for the benefit of the children in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

To buy under the “buy one, give one” philosophy or “donate only,” please see more information here.

Pittsburgh Moms Blog thanks you, our readers, for helping us to achieve this goal.

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