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Free Places To Run In Pittsburgh – A Running Guide

Moms, I know it is so hard to stop taking care of everyone else in our household and focus on our own well being.

Putting our health at the forefront means that we will be better prepared to take care of our families, we all know our kids can drain us at times!

Running is a great way to get the heart pumping, release stress, build endurance, and have fun! It is a great and easy way to stay in shape. Easy because you do not have to join a gym to do it! There are so many places that you can run for free including your own neighborhood and local parks/trails.

Here is a list of places around Pittsburgh to help you get started!

  • Schenley Park is a large municipal park in the heart of Oakland. It has 456 miles of woodland and trails as well as beautiful views while you run.

Schenley Park

  • Frick Park is the largest municipal park in Pittsburgh, it is 644 acres of all terrain! The trails are very well maintained and there is an area where you can run with your dogs unleashed.

Frick Park

  • Three Rivers Heritage Trail offers a  beautiful view of Pittsburgh along the river banks in Pittsburgh for about 25 miles. Here you can run, walk, and go for a bike ride as well!

Three Rivers Heritage Trail

  • South Side River Front Trail is in South Side River Front Park, one of Pittsburgh’s first riverfront parks. In the summer time, it really is a beautiful place to run! You will also see lots of walkers, joggers, and people walking their dogs.

South Side River Front Trail

  • Riverview Park is located 4 miles north of downtown and has 259 acres of woodland as well as hillside trails for hikers and joggers. 

Riverview park

  • North Park in Allegheny County has a lake trail with a 5 mile loop that also has a pedestrian and bike lane. This is great for runners, walkers, and joggers of all speeds! I personally like to walk my girls in their stroller for fresh air and a great view.

North Park

So there you have it, mommas! Lace up those running shoes and get out there, let’s start putting our health first! Grab those strollers if you have to, or just use this peaceful time alone to meditate. Any other great trails in Pittsburgh that you love? Comment below and let us know!

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