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6 Things I Miss About Pregnancy

The other day, my two boys and I were playing together and running around the house together.  We were playing tag and chasing each other, when we finally flopped on the couch on top of one another.  Then my 3 year old said “Look mommy, I’m back inside your belly!” and proceeded to pick up my shirt and stick his head under it.  It made me chuckle, but also made me momentarily sad – I knew I wasn’t ever going to be pregnant again (we decided we’re done with two) but fora moment it also made me miss the things I loved the most about being pregnant.  Here are some of the things I cherished the most:

  1. Knowing I’m making tiny fingers and toes… and a brain! – When I first found out I was pregnant with my now 7 year old son, I was over the moon with joy. I was also fascinated with the fact that my body was MAKING a tiny person – like what a mind trip that was!  Knowing my body was making 10 tiny fingers and 10 tiny toes made me feel amazing, and knowing my body was growing a brain made me feel super human.  Every once in a while if I was down on myself, I would stop and remind myself of the fact that, right at that moment, I was growing a tiny person inside me!
  2. My lashes and fingernails – Both my 7 and 3 year olds have the most amazing eyelashes (they get it from their father….) but I was lucky enough to experience long lush lashes for the months I had them inside me too.  Not only were my lashes long, thick and full, but my fingernails were super strong and the tips were super white.  It was as though I had a perma-manicure for 9 months!  My skin also felt super soft and my hair was very thick.  I have thick hair to begin with, so having even thicker hair wasn’t the most fun, but it certainly was fun having lashes that looked like I had mascara on all the time!
  3. Singing and talking to the baby – When I was pregnant with my first, I found myself talking and singing to the baby every chance I got – while driving to work, in the shower, even at night before going to bed – and he would kick and move in response.  I felt a special bond with him and would talk to him about my day, or tell him all about his big sister (our 14 year old chow chow).  My favorite song to sing to him was Alicia Keys “I Ain’t Got You”, every time I would I would end up sobbing at the end.  Singing and talking with both my babies felt like special bonding time that I hold dear in my heart.
  4. My BOOBS! – Holy cow did my boobs get big… especially!
  5. Rubbing my belly and feeling the baby kick – One of my most favorite things to do especially later in my pregnancy was feeling the baby kick.  I still remember the first kick I ever felt – it felt like little gas bubbles inside me, and was such a surreal experience, knowing there was another person inside me doing that.  I especially loved when other people touched my belly, like my husband, and made the baby move and kick even more.  My first baby was (and still is) super sweet in that he only moved when I was awake, and slept soundly when I slept.  My second one was the opposite!  But it reminded me that he was healthy and had some strong muscles!
  6. Feeling the baby having hiccups – My all time favorite thing about pregnancy had to be feeling the little baby hiccups inside my growing belly.  Baby hiccups are adorable, but knowing the tiny little being inside me was having hiccups too is even cuter.  I used to love feeling them and giggling.  The other thing about baby hiccups which made them extra special to me was that they were too faint for others to feel, so each hiccup was just for me and the baby to feel – it felt so special and intimate.

What were your favorite things about pregnancy that you miss the most?

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  1. Nicole Eloriaga-Murphy August 31, 2017 at 3:10 pm #

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