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To My Husband: Life Will Not Always Be This Hectic

Dear Husband,

I miss you, I miss US. Remember when it was just you and I? Remember when we had no kids taking up all of our time for what it seems like 24/7?

  • I miss sleeping in with you, until we felt like rolling out of bed. Now we have little ones poking our eyes out or demanding milk.
  • I miss sneaking in hugs and kisses without our tiny terrors sneaking in the middle to get love too.

  • I miss our impromptu dinner plans after work, since we had no kids to pick up from school or after school activities.
  • I miss you planning romantic dates out with just you and I, now you take our sweet little girls on daddy and me dates (which I treasure).

  • I miss our late night chats over wine, it seems like nowadays by 9 pm we are so exhausted that we can fall asleep in the middle of the kitchen floor.
  • I miss our solo vacations, where we did not have to line up babysitters and all the logistics that come with leaving children behind.

But we will get that back. They will get older and more independent. They will want to hang out with their friends more than they want to be with us. They will have their own little lives and we will get to have more time to ourselves. We will have more uninterrupted time together where our dinner will still be warm when we get to it and we can slowly sip our drinks.

And you know what? We will miss these hectic days. So until then, let’s cherish this chaos! Let’s relish the crazy and enjoy all the cuddles and kisses from our sweet girls. It will be you and I at the finish line, and the path to get there is well worth the ride.


2 Responses to To My Husband: Life Will Not Always Be This Hectic

  1. Felícia March 31, 2018 at 12:32 pm #

    I truly enjoy your articles – full of truths that most of us don’t dare voice out loud at times.
    It is so very important to enjoy every moment.

    • Anny Bezilla
      Anny Bezilla March 31, 2018 at 9:11 pm #

      Thank you so much, Felícia! I’m glad you enjoy reading my articles and I definitely try to talk about the real life everyday struggles of being parents!