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Giving the Gift of FOREVER

Earlier this year, my family experienced a house fire. Although we were very lucky and blessed to be safe, sadly, a lot of our stored boxes of photos were destroyed among our possessions. My Son, who had recently earned his Eagle Scout Award had also lost a lot of his scout memorabilia and the commendations he received as part of his Path to Eagle. This was heartbreaking to both he and I, and I wanted to find something special to make this loss less tragic for him. So, during this gift giving season when we discovered “FOREVER“, an online, Pittsburgh based digital photo storage and print company, I was eager to learn more about what they had to offer.

I decided that a printed photo book of the digital photos I had saved from his Eagle Scout Court of Honor Ceremony would be the perfect gift for my Son this Holiday. FOREVER has a variety pre-formatted themes and templates to help you build the perfect book.

Christmas Theme

Hanukkah Theme


Building my Book was fun (and very easy). But, I wasn’t done learning about FOREVER’s services. I found that once my book was built and ordered, the template remained with the option to re-order the book. My project is saved, forever. My images will always be safe (unless I choose to remove it). Some photo print companies will charge subscription rates for storage, or will put expiration dates on projects to allow deletion to older files. FOREVER is different, as they offer the FOREVER Guarantee. 

FOREVER hopes your memories last as long as its name implies, and has a sound structure on how to achieve that seemingly impossible goal. 

Similar to a university endowment, the money invested in the FOREVER Guarantee Fund is carefully managed to fund the preservation of your content over a very long period of time. The money in the FOREVER Guarantee Fund is fully restricted, meaning that we can only withdraw a very small amount from the Fund each year and the money withdrawn must be used to preserve and protect your precious digital content. (

In other words… because you OWN your storage space, the money you pay to preserve your memories will quite literally live FOREVER! 

FOREVER specializes in Media Management, which includes scanning & conversion for photos, slides,
VHS tapes and film. If you are fortunate enough to still have the negatives, photos, slides and recordings from years ago, FOREVER can help make those memories digital and permanent before the media naturally wears down over time. Don’t let them slip away! 

How does it work?

First, start by creating a FREE account with FOREVER. As a free member, you can store up to 2GB without a charge or purchase requirement. But, 2GB doesn’t last very long if you are an avid photo collector. There are upgrades you can purchase to increase the size of your storage, at flexible one-time or monthly pricing.

Once your account is set up and verified, you can start uploading your pictures into albums. 

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Are all of your pictures located on your smartphone? They have an app for that. FOREVER is available as a free download on both Google Play and the Apple Store for easy backup, upload and print design from your smartphone. It’s all of the functionality of the website on-the-go so you can create projects anywhere from your device. 

FOREVER also offers integration with your Facebook account to allow backup and storage of your wall photos and Facebook Albums. Your Photos can be organized into Albums and tagged, making it easier to index your images and divide them into project ideas. The FOREVER Print templates allow you to design books to your liking with variable sizes, shapes, colors and textures of covers, and numbers of pages with hundreds of options to layout and arrange your images.


I look forward to receiving my book and doing a follow up review on the printed product, but so far, FOREVER has made an impression on how I view preserving my legacy in photos for my family’s generations. Be sure to check out their Holiday Deals and consider these unique gifts this holiday season! 

Are you looking for an Opportunity with FOREVER? Click here to read more about becoming an Ambassador

Although this post is fully sponsored by FOREVER, the claims made and opinions regarding services and products are all our own.

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  1. Bonnie Grant December 1, 2017 at 7:00 am #

    I love Forever and have been making Calenders and story books for years for my family. It is a wonderful company to deal with. My projects are always so perfect and beautiful. Thank you Forever!