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Your Kid is an Artist at Jellybean Street!

Experimenting with the world of art should start at a young age. Whether it is with markers and crayons or paints; kids and babies should have the opportunity to express their thoughts and emotions while getting a little messy. Jellybean Street promotes painting workshops for kids ranging from babies to toddlers (2-5 years old) and even up to school age children (5-9 years old). A sweeter part of the experience is that you don’t have to clean up the mess!

Walking into the experience at Piccadilly Artisan Yogurt and Creamery in Mount Lebanon, PA; my family and I came to participate in the Jellybean Street art workshop at this location. They had a wonderful set up in the back of the yogurt shop. And also, the promise of yummy treat afterward made my little ones even more excited.

In addition to, Jellybean Street have different events at locations around Pittsburgh.  Jellybean Street provides budding artists with the opportunity to engage in the tactile learning experience. Kids get to share their expressions through color and paint. 


The teacher started the class, encouraging the kids to get warmed up and ready to paint. The kids are then free to be themselves and experiment with different colors and tools. At one point, the teacher showed the kids how to use water balloons to dip in the paint. The kids bounced them along the paper, creating a firework effect. My daughter loved it!


The kids got a range of toys and tools to help create new and fun styles of art. From slinkies, cars, marbles, straws, to salad spinners it was amazing to see what the kids could create with these random items! In addition to, the kids had fun by rolling cars, skipping marbles and springing slinkies covered in the paint.


When their artwork is done, Parents then have the opportunity to take it with them or have it transferred to canvas . It is taken by the teacher and sent to graphic artists through Jellybean Street creating a one-of-a-kind piece!


After the kid’s artwork is put to canvas, it is then open for you to purchase and posted online for resale to the public. Jellybean Street then allows 20% of the profits to go to your child. On top of that, 40% will be donated to a children’s’ charity of your choice. Jellybean Street believes in children helping children!

As a result, It is amazing having your child’s early artwork as a centerpiece on your living room wall. Additionally, it is a great gift for grandparents and family members!


Get Your Kids in a Class Today!

Most of all, the classes are so much fun and one-on-one with the teacher. Make sure to sign up for a class today! You can also book parties for birthdays and other events. Head over to their website:

or you can talk to a local Jellybean Street teacher, Jennifer Erfley at:

phone- (412) 495-8918 

email- [email protected]


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