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The Pregnancy Symptom I Wasn’t Prepared For

When I first found out I was pregnant, I was pretty naïve to most things pregnancy-related, but I thought I was prepared for what the basic symptoms would be like. Food cravings and aversions. Nausea. Fatigue (though not the body-numbing fatigue that Mac-truck hit me). Heartburn. Crazy boobs. But the symptom I didn’t expect was […]

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Postpartum Depression and Me

We share our cravings and food aversions without a second thought. We discuss our physical struggles like swollen feet and round ligament pain. We warn against the dangers of deli meat and too much caffeine. But we keep secret the most devastating effects of pregnancy. Postpartum depression and anxiety affects almost one in five women […]

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Photo Credit to Carri Finkbeiner

How Gratitude Helps My Anxiety

The other night, I laid in bed wide awake, thinking of ALL.THE.THINGS I needed to do for the next week: Clean the house for the in-laws visiting Pack for myself and the kids for our beach vacation Reschedule some important appointments  Make doctors appointments for me and the kids Before I knew it, it was […]

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