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from the Library of Congress archives

Blackface: For those who claim to not know

Imagine a world where your community, country, and allies built a lifestyle based on the dehumanization of people who didn’t look like you. Everything you had was taken from the souls of others. Stop imagining. Its real. It’s America. Its Europe. When the institution of slavery began losing a favorable view in the public eye […]

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Art in Color

We go to school and we go to the museum. We learn about Picasso and Van Gogh. And that is great, but what about the contributions of black artists. Where is there representation in the mainstream? With the unveiling of the Presidential Portrait which was painted by a young Black man I thought I would […]

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Chuck Cooper, A Pittsburgh Legend

If you have been following my Black History posts you may have notice several amazing firsts that originated in our city. Here is another to add to the list. Actually, this man has several momentous firsts to his name. He is Charles “Chuck” Cooper and he is a Pittsburgh native. Born and raised in Pittsburgh […]

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Eartha Kitt

3 Black Women You Should Know

With millions of Black Women doing amazing things now and through out history there is no way to ever narrow down a proper top list. Instead I am going to share with you 3 women who inspired me personally and sprinkled that Black Girl Magic on my soul.    Ma Rainey Ma Rainey was dubbed […]

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