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Everything Will Be OK

Recently someone in my community experienced the loss of their child. This event was jarring to me and I wanted to write about how I feel. I want to send hope to all who have experienced such a tragedy. I want start off by first saying that everything will be ok. Why is it when […]

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Just hanging with a sloth

My kids vetoed Disney!

  We have all seen the viral videos where parents gather the kids together and in announce “Kids we are going to Disney”. Joyous Rapture ensues and the parents are heroes. There is laughter and tears of joy. Everyone is hugging. Its great and kinda what I expected. Reality check, when I made the announcement, […]

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Your Child’s Place

If you have ever had to choose a daycare for your child, you know that it can be quite a difficult task. There are so many factors to consider; location, price, availability, cleanliness, etc. These are just some of the things that affect your decision. BUT – what if you are a parent of medically […]

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Thank You, Daniel Tiger

Dear Daniel Tiger, First and foremost, my daughter loves you. So much. That alone, bringing a smile to her face every day, is reason enough for me to send you my many thanks. Thank you so much for that, Daniel Tiger. But there’s more. Your friend and my friend, Mr. Rogers, said “Look for the […]

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