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Don’t box me in

There is no place like home or rather there is no place like the farm… lake house … camp… we all have it that one place where you would rather be.  Mine is here sitting on the porch at the farm where there is a cool mist coming of the 3/4 of an acre pond. […]

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Mother-In-Laws Get a Bad Rap

Have you ever asked someone how their relationship is with their mother-in-law? I can bet most responses will not be friendly or surprising. There is such a negative stigma around the word mother-in-law that it brings out some intense emotions in people.  Now this could be for many different reasons and I understand we are […]

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How-To Find a Mommy Friend

“Almost thirty-something mom who likes to peruse Facebook when not playing with play dough. Looking for friends who have two little ones and can sympathize over a cup of coffee or a big glass of wine. Enjoys chit chat about movies and music, well mostly ones that came out prior to having children. Potty training […]

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Off to Kindergarten!

Be Kind

Be Kind. These are the words I said to my daughter on her first day of Kindergarten as she ran off to her new school. She was so excited to be a big girl and to embrace all the new things she will learn this year. There will be so many new lessons to learn like […]

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Advice From My L&D Nurse

The past two weeks leading up to the due date of this post have been stressful… to say the least. My children are adorable, sweet babies, but there are two of them under two. When one cries, the other cries for my attention and they have gotten the art of not napping together down perfectly. […]

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