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Anxiety and Parenting

Nothing can truly prepare you for parenthood. I read books and blogs. I spoke with many woman about pregnancy, delivery, and all their experiences. However, I was still unprepared to be a mother. The biggest thing that I was unprepared for was how having a baby would affect my anxiety. People often talk about how pregnancy and […]

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The Mommy Trap

As a first time mom, I never realized how easy it would be. I never thought I would do it, because I know every situation is different. But I did it: I compared. I compared what other mom’s had, how put together they were, and how their kids acted. I looked at my life and […]

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Embracing the Good in the Blend

Court rooms, calendars, attorneys, arguments, missed events, mudslinging.  I could write all day long about the struggles of blending a family—and I have written about plenty of those moments, but there are also some truly amazing aspects of being part of a blended family that makes our family…ours.  We have a blended family of 6. […]

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Why I’m Teaching My Toddler Consent

My child isn’t even three yet and we’re already having “The Talk”.  Yes, that talk. You may wonder if he’s too young to have such mature conversation, but I think it has to begin early if he is to truly learn. We aren’t talking utility or contraception because the kid just realized he has a […]

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The only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Feeling Overwhelmed, Moms? You’re Not Alone.

When I say “feeling overwhelmed,” I’m not talking about the busy everyday get-this-kid-here, make-that-appointment-there, get-dinner-on-the-table, feeling overwhelmed stuff. I’m talking about the deep-down, I-don’t-know-if-I-can-adult-today overwhelm. But I think if we expose the 3 main contributors to mom overwhelm, we can dissolve the feeling outright… or at least take the edge off. #1 Stop the comparison game Sometimes the familiar […]

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