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Super-Dad, Super-Husband

Thirty years ago, today, the man who would one day become my husband and the father of my child was born.  I’ve only been fortunate enough to know him for twenty percent of his life, but its been an eventful twenty percent. Prior to meeting Charlie, I often wondered if I would end up getting […]

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The worst garlic toast I’ve ever had…

I met my husband in the fall of 1995, just two short months in to my senior year of high school. He was friends with a guy my friend was dating. Normally the rest of this post would be somewhat brief and contain the phrase, “…and they lived happily ever after…” – but that wasn’t […]

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What Not to Say to Someone With Depression

Depression is real.  It’s not just being in a bad mood or feeling down for a few days. To those who suffer it’s like living in a deep, dark, desolate place where you cannot see any light.  Nothing brings you joy and you get behind on life. This isolating illness has been a part of […]

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