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The 7 Day Detox Your Body Needs

If you thought this post was about some apple cider vinegar cleanse or a special workout plan, sorry to disappoint. But if you still want to learn how to not only feel less stressed and anxious, improve your focus, and build stronger relationships – you’ve come to the right place. Diet and exercise play a […]

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Picture Perfect Life

The brutal truth is no mom is perfect so why do we all feel like we need to portray the perfect life on Facebook.  Let’s take a moment and be real, ladies: You did not roll out of bed looking fabulous after you were up four times with a fussy baby YET you post a […]

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Oh my goodness, people on social media are so annoying! AM I RIGHT?

Oh my goodness, people on social media are so annoying! AM I RIGHT? Has your news feed been full of 30 Days of Thankfulness posts? How about solicitations for Elf on the Shelf Ideas? Children selling seemingly unnecessary items for school/boy scouts/girl scouts fundraisers? Is someone celebrating an anniversary with their “best friend”? Here’s, typically, […]

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My FACELESS Facebook Daughter

In an world where everything is shared and posted without a second thought – my husband and I are in the minority (and were given some strange looks) when we informed friends and family that our daughter wouldn’t be put all over Social Media. Now before you think I’m crazy – here are a few […]

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