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My Pet Peeve – The Mom Shush

OK, before you begin reading too much of this post, I’m going to start off by stating, that these are my personal thoughts. I warn you because what I’m about to say goes against every political correctness seminar you’ve taken. My biggest pet-peeve as a medically needy mom is when someone IGNORES the obvious. If […]

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Birthdays Are For Celebrating Life!

Everyone’s birthday is a big deal, but as a special needs mom, my son’s birthday is just a little bit extra special to me! If you have read, my other post on this site, you’ll know I have the honor to be Nate’s mom! When he turned one, I had a huge Winter-ONE-derland birthday party […]

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Nurse Love

Thank You to The Nurse…

I feel honored that I get to write a post about nursing on National Nurse Awareness Day. I’m not going to lie, I even traded post dates with another blogger so that I could write about some of my favorite real life super heroes!! My son Nathan, who has CHARGE syndrome, a rare genetic syndrome, […]

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