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WHO Protecting yourself

Can you get coronavirus from drinking Corona?

Every couple of years some new virus is introduced to the world and until the world knows more about how to combat it, unfortunately too many pay the price.  The newest virus that is scaring the world is called the coronavirus.  I would like to say this upfront but you do not contract the coronavirus […]

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Posing in Rome for a family photo

Real Talk, Plus Tips: Traveling With Little Ones is Tough

Summer is upon us, finally! And if you’re like the majority of American families, you will likely be traveling somewhere soon. I say, “traveling” and not, “vacationing” because I don’t know that I can consider traveling with small children a vacation. I don’t want to be a “negative Nancy,” or scare any moms who have […]

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Traveling Alone

It’s almost time for our annual trip. This year we are going to the Bahamas for Valentines day… But this is no romantic vacation. In fact, our trips are always sans daddy. Actually, my husband rarely leaves Western PA.  Traveling is simply not relaxing to him, he prefers holding down the fort, working on the […]

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How does REAL ID affect you in 2019?

REAL – ID Act:  How will affect you as a Pennsylvania resident? In the past few weeks you may have seen an advertisement on your television regarding REAL ID.  The advertisement talks about getting a REAL ID card but you may be more confused than educated regarding why you need to update your identification.  In […]

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