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Jefferson Hospital couple in birthing suite

Pittsburgh’s Premier Home-Away-From-Home Birthing Experience at Jefferson Hospital

In November 2014, Jefferson Hospital opened a new state-of-the-art obstetrics unit as part of Allegheny Health Network’s patient-focused Women’s Health services. At a time when many medical facilities were closing doors, Jefferson Hospital’s investment in obstetrics significantly impacted the community; it was the first new labor and delivery unit in the Pittsburgh region in 34 years. In […]

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Momming with a Chronic Invisible Illness

I have a vague memory of putting my foot in my mouth at work about 15 years ago. My co-worker was telling me that her partner didn’t work because she has Fibromyalgia. “Isn’t that just a diagnoses for lazy people?” I asked. “No! It’s when your in pain all the time for no reason!” She snapped […]

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The FIT Principle and Why it Matters

The FIT Principle is a tool used to keep tabs on your exercise program. This is super exciting! Only you can make changes to your personal wellness plan (in light of the FIT principle) and zero in on obtaining specific results. FIT is an acronym outlining the key components of a successful exercise program – frequency, […]

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