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Top 10: Love/Hate Relationship With The Toddler Years

My son is an almost 3 year old boy who I can snuggle all day and want to stay far away from the next. He is driving me absolutely crazy, so I decided to compile a top 10 list of my love/hate relationship with the toddler years. 


  1. Sweet hugs and kisses – Nothing is better than your child giving you the biggest hug and kiss everyday, multiple times a day. You can always tell when he really misses me because he squeezes me so tight. When I have a bad day, his love always makes me feel better. For however long the moment lasts, it’s a sense of peace when the world is chaotic. 
  2. Hand holding and snuggling – There will be a time where he won’t hold my hand randomly in the grocery store while his dad pushes the cart. Or a time where he no longer needs me to snuggle him to sleep. I enjoy these moments because it makes him happy and it makes my heart happy. Snuggle them forever or as long as they will let you. 
  3. Talking – I love listening to him talk and learning new words. Everyday he tells me lots of stories, asks lots of questions, and he still believes any answer I give him. He picks up on our swear words and oh my gods. I laugh (sometimes) when he calls me Amanda when I don’t listen to Mom. With all the words in his vocabulary, my favorite words are “I Love You.” 
  4. Innocence – This is for those moments when you ask him to stop throwing food on the floor or not to touch something again and he looks at you with that innocent face and does it over and over again. I know he is testing his boundaries and I try to be stern, but his big brown eyes catch me off guard EVERY SINGLE TIME. 
  5. Manners – It’s important to teach kids good manners. We remind him a lot to say please and thank you. Some days he surprises us without prompting him, Thank You Mom (insert whatever I did here). 



  1. Temper Tantrums / Attitude – You know your moms favorite saying “I hope you have a kid that turns out exactly like you.” Well here he is with an attitude that makes you want to drink wine for days. This stage is just awful, but I am trying to learn through the process. To see my tips about tantrums check out my previous post —
  2. Indecisiveness – Toddlers cannot make decisions. A normal conversation in our house looks like this – Me: Lorenzo, do you want a cookie? Him: No. Only for him to run screaming to the pantry 30 seconds later because he wanted a cookie!
  3. Inconsistency – I long for those perfect Saturdays where everything is on schedule. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, errands, playtime, bath time, and an early bed time. I feel like a Rockstar when the day goes smoothly. Consistent days are far and few between because toddlers set the pace of the day, everyday. 
  4. Bath time & Bed time – This is normally parents favorite time of the day and sometimes I can agree. But when it’s a bath night, I need to mentally prepare. Bath time for us is usually him screaming that I am washing his hair, bending over the tub trying to wash him off or him trying to spill water outside of the tub. After the bath, it’s time for his Eczema creams as he fights me to put them on. Then I have to wrestle his pajamas on, the ones that he picks out, and I am exhausted. 
  5. Potty Training – The positive thing about potty train is not having to buy diapers! The moments I am talking about are when he asks to go potty 7 times at the restaurant and only pees once. Or when you’re teaching him to aim and he pees all over himself, you, or maybe the bathroom at Target (Sorry)! Don’t get me started on trying to wipe poop off of those potty seats because he won’t poop on the real potty yet. 


Every day may not be perfect, but it’s always a good day. At the end of the day, he snuggles in his bed or ours and I remember how thankful I am for our son. 

Does anyone else feel this way?  Share your feelings in the comments! 


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