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It’s OK! You’re allowed! One-on-one traveling

When my husband and I welcomed our precious, sweet baby girl into the world last August, it was an adjustment for all of us.  It was an adjustment that we went from raising one tiny human to two.  It was an adjustment going from a “boy mom” to a “girl mom.”  It was an adjustment for my husband that he now faced the scary reality of raising a daughter.  But most importantly, it was an adjustment for my first-born facing the challenge that he was not going to be the only center of our worlds.  

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While my little man did an excellent job at transitioning the best a two-and-a-half-year-old knew how, I made it my mission to make sure every day we established good Mommy/Son time.  Every day when the baby was napping, I made sure to leave the dishes sit or allow de-wrinkle to do its job. I wanted to make sure I was giving my son one-on-one attention.  I wanted him to know that he was not forgotten, and that our time together was still as special as ever. 

I wanted him to understand that he was still loved very much.   

That’s why when the opportunity arose, I booked a trip for just my son and myself for six days. 

Allow me to backtrack.  I made the trip sort of on a spur of the moment decision.  My grandparents travel to Florida every year, and I am currently on maternity leave from my current position.  I thought to myself it was as good as a time as any.  Some friends questioned how I could leave behind my sweet little girl (and not to mention my husband!) but I knew in my heart that I needed to take this trip. 

So my son and I had our bags packed, and away we went down South.  While I missed my newest addition back home with every fiber of my being, it was a remarkable, memorable vacation with my first-born.  Not once was I preoccupied or had to tell him to wait a minute until I was finishing something up.  For six whole days, he had my undivided attention.  We sang, we played, we swam, we laughed, we danced. 


As I soaked in the Florida sunshine, I also soaked in every precious moment with my sweet son.  I will never forget when he would plant a wet, sandy kiss on my cheek.  I will always cherish when he grabbed my hand dragging me to the nearest playground.  And while I was sad that I left behind one to spend quality time with the other, I reminded myself that she was getting bonding time of her own.  Dad and Nana were on duty while Mommy was away, and they too enjoyed every minute. 

At first, I doubted my decision to leave one behind. However, when I reminisce about the experience, I whole heartedly think it’s important if you have multiple children to create memories with just them.  As my children grow, they are going to develop their own sense of interests.  There are going to be times when my daughter and I are off doing our own thing leaving the men at home.  Take it from a first-hand mom who experienced major mom guilt.  It’s okay to travel with just one.  The benefits outweigh the guilt.  

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